1100 Series Dyno

The MJP 1100 Series Dyno.
Because we use an advanced Flywheel design, the 1100 Dyno has an effective weight of 184 Kg! 
This is only 12% smaller than the big 2200 Dyno, so it is only the smaller 196 mm diameter Roller that limits its Hp measuring capability. The recommended 50 Hp / 250 Kph limits are far from the theoretically achieveable numbers.

Our 1100 Dyno features built-in Weatherstation for automatic calculation of Correction factors essential for precision.
It also has 5 User configurable Analog 0-5 Volt Channels for e.g. Lambda sensors.

 With the optional frontwheel holder.



Easy to operate frontwheel slider.

Pneumatic Disc brake kit .


(Click on picture to see it fullsize)
Screen picture showing Hp as Red and Rpm as Orange.

Download Instruction Pdf about setting up a Variomatic gearbox


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