State of the art dynamometers


The standard MJP2200 dyno.

New 2013 model with built-in flourecent light to shine on the floor on both the sides of the Dyno and through the Logo cut outs.

The Eddy Brake equipped version.


   2200G Floor Mounted version.

Dual Monitor setup.

The MJP 2200 Dyno gives you the possibility to test the performance of any motorcycle with extremely high precision, and because all our software and electronics development is done in-house, we can sell our products at a considerably lower price than most other competitorís.
One of our strongpoints is the 10 freely configurable analog channels (0-5 volt), that are standard equipment in the 2200 Dyno Package, enabling you to monitor a multitude of signals during testing.
A complete Weather station is integrated in the cable connector box with Barometric pressure, Humidity sensor and a remote Temperature probe.
Up to four different tests can be compared simultanously, You can input the rolling and wind resistance in the program, to view the actual topspeed of the bike in question, and compare different gearing combinations to determine the maximum possible topspeed
A high degree of importance has been placed on ease of use. It is written from the start for use with Microsoft Windows, which means that you have access to all functions by "point and click" instead of complex keyboard commands.



The program is controlled via the tabbed page layout that gives you easy access to all the functions in the software.


You can view the powergraphs as Hp or Kw and torque in Nm or Ft.lbs related to Rpm or Kmh/Mph, if you watch torque related to Kmh/Mph there's an option to display a windresistance curve, aiding You in evaluating the bikes topspeeds.


The Test screen with 10 analog channels.
The standard Series 2200 Dyno,includes electronics with 10 freely configurable 0-5 volt analog channels, built-in atmospheric sensing module with all 3 parameters, primary wire rpm pick-up, manual and unlimited free software upgrades.
The 2200 is delivered with a refurbished Computer (Monitor not included) with all soft & hardware installed and ready to use.

Download demo version of the software

Click here to download the Win98 - XP demo
Sample tests


MJPower engineering are together with Superflow the only companies to use a 500 mm diameter large Roller, all other Dyno makers on the market use 450 mm or even smaller diameter rollers. This ensures that even prolonged testing does not put excessive strain on the rear tire.

Photo taken at 260 Kph and 140 Hp, virtually no tire deformation visible !


Effective roller weight is 208 kg standard, with starter and disc brake options 210 kg.
For comparison the effective weight of  the Dynojet 200 and the Superflow inertia dynos are 203 and 205 kg.


Heavy roller add-on.

This makes the roller 35% heavyer to turn than the standard one (281 Kg effective), and is mainly intended for Drag race bikes with 180+ Hp and comparatively low gearings. 
Normally the gearing gets taller as the performance increases on todays high-performance street and road-race bikes;  this compensates for their higher Hp levels resulting in fairly even run duration times on different bikes. But on Drag race bikes the accelleration oriented low gearing doesn't perform this "automatic" compensation, this makes the heavy roller option especially interesting for dedicated Drag bike tuners.
Brake unit
Brake unit. 12" ventilated disc and pneumatic caliber with foot operated valve and 220 volt aksial fan for cooling.

Starter unit. 12 volt system with trickle charger, without battery.


Linear Lambda unit, get precise information about the A/F ratio, Bosch unit shown.
Primary wire inductive pickup with sensitivity adjustment.
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