Established in 1992, MJPower Engineering initially specialized in development and tuning of two- and four-stroke motorcycle engines.

The need for a reliable tool for measuring the results of the tuning work quickly arose; a dynamometer. Not very impressed with what was on the market, the company decided to develop itīs own dyno from scratch. 

It was a specialist's tool: A no nonsense precision measuring machine.
The dyno was put to full use in developing the cutting edge in race engines, based on production bike engines.

The results achieved soon created a market for the MJPdynos, and MJPower Engineering is the market leader in Scandinavia, with a 60% marketshare in Denmark.

MJPower Engineering today works in three fields:
1.Dynamometers for Motorcycles and Scooters
2. Street engine tuning
3. Race engine tuning, most prominently in the
600 World Supersport Series.