Accessories for Series 2200.

Loading Ramp, 2 Meter long and 400 / 800 mm. wide.



Protection screens with Polycarbonate glass.

Quick-fold design, an industri first from MJPower engineering.



Heavy roller add-on.

This makes the roller 35% heavyer to turn than the standard one (281 Kg effective), and is mainly intended for Drag race bikes with 180+ Hp and comparatively low gearings. 
Normally the gearing gets taller as the performance increases on todays high-performance street and road-race bikes;  this compensates for their higher Hp levels resulting in fairly even run duration times on different bikes. But on Drag race bikes the accelleration oriented low gearing doesn't perform this "automatic" compensation, this makes the heavy roller option especially interesting for dedicated Drag bike tuners.



Brake unit
Brake unit. 12" ventilated disc and pneumatic caliber with foot operated valve and 220 volt aksial fan for cooling.



Starter unit. 12 volt system with trickle charger, without battery.



Linear Lambda unit, get precise information about the A/F ratio, Bosch unit shown.

IgniJet fuel injection.


Team Stiggy Motorsports switched mid season 2005 from HRC's fully programmable ECU to the IgniJet Max Power ECU, and because of the more advanced features of this unit, we were able to gain 2-3 Hp through the Power range.

The IgniJet Ecu completely replaces the original Ecu module, it is not like the Power Commander an add-on module. 
The IgniJet Max Power unit consists of hardware, device wiring loom adapter fitting the original plug and control software.
ZX6 RR 2004 with IgniJet ECU.
  • Features:

  • Completely programmable fuel map; 
    Completely programmable ignition advance map; 
  • The full race version also has adjustable Rpm limiter;
  • Adjustable quick shift function with millisecond resolution; 
    Adjustable shift light; 
    Adjustable speed-limiting device (eg. for avoiding pitlane speeding); 
  • Adjustable acceleration injection; 
    Adjustable starting injection; 
    Adjustable starting limiter; 

  • N2O vent for dragsters regulation; 
    Adjustable vent control; 
    Lambda explorer voltage metering and display at the speed indicator; 
    Servo-motor control depending on the engine speed for exhaust pipe strangler or for suction branches regulation; 

  • We also offer individual control software according to your wish, on agreement. 
    Possibility of locking data against unjustified access.


Download demo software here.