Wideband Lambda units.


Wideband Lambda kit.

Sample screen with 5% difference in the 3 fuel settings shown (Yamaha R6 03 kitted).



Sample graphs


Tuned Suzuki Gsxr 1000
  • Red graph shows power when the bike came in with a fuel mapping the owner had made himself by experimenting on a Dyno without lambda data.
  • Blue graph shows the end result after optimizing the fuel mapping with the aid of the wideband lambda.

Here are the Air/Fuel ratio graphs from the two tests, the red graph clearly shows the extremly rich mapping.


Honda CBR600.
Red graph shows Air/Fuel ratio of the std. bike with full race race exhaust before any mapping work was done, and the blue one after optimizing the fuel map on the Power Commander unit attached.
And for just for comparison a typical example of a heavily filtered A/F graphs from another well known Dyno maker.
With this lack of resolution it's obvious that you have no chance to find those tricky rich / lean spots that show up for maybe only a couple of hundreds of Rpm.