Download Demo version of MJP dyno ver. 8

Dyno software updates.

Available upgrades: 

Dyno software:

New version 9.93 (3/5-16) for both Windows 10, 8, 7, XP and 98

Both for rev. F + Usb electronics.

Read more on Owners Page.

1100 Dyno software:

Newest version 5.04 21/5-2023


Other interesting programs

RapidBike stand alone programmer 

Ultra fast read and write to RapidBike Ecu's, read the pdf's included for instructions.

Port Area Calculator 

This Program uses a Photo/Scan of a Cylinderhead Port cross-section to calculate the Area in mm2.

Gear Cascades

Excel spreadsheet that calculates rearwheel power on 1 or 2 Engines in relation to the HP curve and the individual gearings in the gearbox.