Tuning and blueprinting of 4 stroke engines.

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Imre Toth at Monza 2012, fastest ever 600 with 295 kph.



Intermoto Chech

Centurion Racing UK


Intermoto Chech 


Robbin Harms Stiggy Racing


With the season over it is time to evaluate all the topspeed measurements done in the WSBK 
SuperSport free practices, time trial and race during 2006. 

23 1'st places 

27 2'nd places 

24 3'rd places 

( Only the Dutch based Ten Kate team comes close to the performance accieved by the MJP tuned Honda's of Stiggy Motorsport this year, with their 22 1'st, 18 2'nd and 10 3'rd places )

8 times did we have a complete lockout on the top 3 places !



At the end of the season our best rider Robbin Harms topped the Speedtraps in numerous races.


The team with riders Johan Stigefelt on bike nr. 116 and Robbin Harms on nr. 127.

Also the Team Klaffi Honda got their SuperSport 600 engines from us this year.

Rider Tatu Lauslehto from Finland.

Older references:

Stefan Folkesson, 2003 - 2004. www.folkessonracing.nu


2001 the Belgian Van Zon Yamaha R6 team (riders: Christer Lindholm and Werner Daemen) finished the season with our engines.


Lars Rullfs, Scandinavian Open Superbike.


Multiple Danish champion Søren Hole, European championship 3'rd in 1999 and 2'nd in 2000.

A few of our services:

Tungsten arc welding of aluminium, magnesium, stainless steel and titanium.

Flowbench to develop cylinderhead port designs.

Mira centronic


 Radius and multiangle cut valveseats on our 

 Mira centronic computer guided valveseat cutter.




Milling a Crankcase

Balancing of Crankshafts.